What's a wall decal?

Wall decals are vinyl designs / illustrations / artworks that are made-to-order just for you! Once applied, the result blends seamlessly with the wall, giving a "painted on" look.

How long will my wall decal last?

The material we use is designed to last a minimum of 3 years, when taken care of.

Can wall decals be removed?

Yes! Quite easily! But unfortunately they can't be re-used.

Will the wall decal leave any marks or damage?

The vinyl we use leaves no residue if ever it needs to be removed. The adhesive is water-based.

How long does it take to apply a wall decal?

It depends on the size. Large decals can take roughly an hour to apply.

My walls are bumpy, will a wall decal work?

Wall decals work best when placed on flat surfaces but can be applied to slightly textured walls. We have small sample packs that you can order for testing.

Do I need any special type of paint for the wall decal to work?

Matte paint is the best paint for your wall decals. Glossy paint can work, but it may affect the longevity of your wall decal. If you've recently painted your room, allow for a minimum of 2 weeks for the paint to dry before applying wall decal.

Where are your wall decals made?

All our decals are made in Canada with love :)

For all other questions, feel free to email: Contact@mtldecals.com